Curves is an open cloud-based platform that collects and visualize any data. The platform gives good insights and control of the energy and water consumption patterns in properties and produce a good ground for a sustainable property management.

Starting off as a service under the EcoGuard brand, it was time for Curves to break free as an independent brand. An open web based-platform, an invaluable tool for property automatisation. The idea was to dramatize EcoGuard’s vision, to connect 1 000 000 data points.

We created a brand based on openness and digitalization. Playful yet serious about what it does, helping property owners (and the environment) save resources. The strategic and holistic design work has included the creation of a brand platform, storytelling, website and visual identity including, logotype, colour scheme, typography, imagery and iconography.

The new brand identity focuses on a professional approach that illustrates Curves as a progressive company that is professional within the industry. A visual expression where we let data points be the core of the visual identity, an important part helping to define the knowledge and expertise of Curves.

  • Brand strategy
  • Visual identity
  • User interface

The new website for Curves is focusing on the benefit of Curves on business, people and society. Specifically the positive impact the customers using Curves has on the environment – reducing Co2 emissions by 88 000 ton/yearly. That’s what we call sustainable property management.

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