Swedish Tonic’s Lemonade wanted a new distinct look to go with their rebellious real-deal attitude, and claim its rightful unique space in the ready-to-drink shelf. We created a design that communicates the true taste of lemonade – with a splash of natural edginess.

As the Lemonade is the only product in the Swedish Tonic range that does not actually contain tonic, we decided to go all in on the lemonade taste while still maintaining the young and edgy look in the brand identity. The design needed to reflect that this is a no-fuzz lemonade – crafted with passion. Swedish Tonic is a disruptive brand that go about things a little bit differently – it’s about time to bring their spirit to the world of lemonade.

Bold colors mixed with a black, graphic shape to ensure brand recognition. The design communicates the true taste of lemonade – naturally fresh, sour lemons, a pinch of sugar and some bubbles. Along with original copy, the new design brings a modern tonic brand into the world of hand brewed sodas – with a splash of edgy attitude.

Swedish Tonic is a successful soda brewing company founded in 2016 with sales worldwide. Started by a group of young entrepreneurs, who had the ambition to create an authentic, non-artificial tonic syrup, it has grown into reaching a wider audience with a selection of tonic based mixers and sodas. The pinnacle product, the Tonic Syrup is handcrafted in small batches and made with pure natural ingredients.

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