Step into a Little Chocolate Wonderland at Malmö Chocolate Factory’s flagship store. A tiny space transformed into a magnificent experience, made with the flair and charm of the brand.

Nestled in the city of Malmö is an old chocolate factory with a bricked and striped chimney that reaches towards the skies. This century-old factory marks the beginning of Swedish chocolate history in 1888. After years of silence from its machinery, two chocolate-loving brothers reached out to us for help to breathe new life into the factory’s story. It was in 2015, and ever since we’ve been a part of shaping the striped and dreamy narrative of the Malmö Chocolate Factory brand.

A new chapter was to unfold when the brand got a chance to open their first flagship store and create a little wonderland full of character in Malmö’s historic and dreamlike Savoy Hotel building. We immediately wanted to add a new dimension to the brand – and crafted a sweet experience and a destination where grown-ups can become kids once again.

Welcome to a floor-to-ceiling chocolate wonderland and an experience for all senses. The brands iconic stripes in brown and blue. Like chocolate and ice cream. Tactile elements as a reinterpretation of textures. Warm wood and rough brass. In the spirit of a wonderland, shapes and proportions are distorted. An oversized cake stand with a mini on top. Curvy display shelves create a smooth flow throughout the interior, presenting the full range of flavours. A chocolaty marble counter desk for luxurious pralines. Outside, a blue door, blue window niches, and striped awnings together with a Parisian café setting hinting passers-by of the wonderland awaiting inside.

It all turned out just as successful as we imagined in our chocolaty fantasy. Walk in, and you’ll walk out with your pockets full of sweet dreams and treats.

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