How do you get people to buy your plant-based cheese, when you’re not allowed to call it a cheese? Stockeld Dreamery, a Swedish food-tech, are re-inventing the food they love to make it more sustainable. First in line to launch was their non-dairy cream cheese. But people didn’t get it – not what it was nor how to eat it. So, we stepped in to turn it into something understandable and yummy – and started by refining the narrative with focus on one thing only – the bagel.

Introducing the bagel on the packaging didn’t just add clarity, humour, and a cheese occasion without overtelling – it brought a vibrant city street style to the design. With bold typography and orange as colour blocking – we capture this cheese-tech-evolution with a New York flair and deliciousness. Instead of “cream cheese”, we call it “creamy spread”.

Now, it’s ready to save the planet, looking tasty and irresistible. The re-launch in Sweden and US was a success! Giving Stockeld Dreamery fuel on their admirable cheese-changing journey for a more tasty and sustainable food future.

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