Scan is Sweden’s leading meat supplier. They turned to us for a premium concept within meat. When we looked at consumer insights, they both showed that many lack deep knowledge in the craftmanship behind great meat – and that they want to know more about the meat’s origin and animal’s wellbeing. With “The butcher’s choice” we tailored the design to show Scan’s personal attention for quality meat.

This is a premium product range to be sold in Swedish grocery chains. Since customers don’t spend much time in the meat refrigerators, our objective was to create a clear expression that makes them understand that they don’t need to go to the deli counter to find first-class meat.

To strengthen Scan’s craftmanship and personal attention for great meat pieces, we built the concept on ”The butcher’s choice”. The design is all about visualizing the human touch and personal care for the best parts of the animal with quotes from Scan’s butchers, handmade illustrations, a stamp, cooking tips and butchers’ charts. We chose a matte plastic texture with a natural look for packaging and a blue colour – both really standing out in the otherwise traditionally glossy and non-colourful category. Everything is made with references from butchers’ shops to level up the human presence and to add a touch of small scale.

The result? A successful premium product range from Sweden’s leading meat supplier – visualizing Scan’s craftmanship, knowledge and personal attention for great pieces.

  • Concept Development
  • Packaging Design
  • Identity
  • Storytelling
  • Product Brand Assets

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