Jameson Original Limited Edition Dublin Canister celebrates local love with some of the most typical city landmarks for Dublin.

Structural Packaging, Packaging Design, Storytelling
In this project, our mission was twofold. The first was to develop design principles and framework that will be used by local artists to create unique editions for several American cities. The second was to create a Dublin-focused special edition for the US market. We used the Dublin edition as blueprint and core to create the design principles for the bespoke city designs and guide the local artists that will be working with developing them.

True to the Jameson legacy, the design approach is both playful and unpretentious, warm-hearted and joyful. Iconic landmarks are dynamically interwoven with Jameson’s own design assets, to showcase each city’s unique pulse and important local landmarks. The design's central element is a bar counter with two chairs, which symbolizes the spirit and personality of Ireland; where strangers are simply friends you are yet to meet, and maybe even share a glass of smooth whiskey with.

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