The best of two worlds bottled – The refreshingly smooth blend of Jameson Whiskey and Cold Brew coffee is celebrated by the tactile elements, choice of colours, high quality printing techniques and the deep coffee coloured bottle. It’s a design firmly rooted in both worlds with strong coffee cues, custom-made font treatment and finishes, still staying true to the Jameson brand and whiskey category. A bold and modern expression that invites you to a completely new taste experience.

The Jameson Cold Brew concept taps into the recent revival of a centuries-old coffee-making method, ‘Cold Brew’. Much appreciated among coffee lovers for its ability to keep all nuances and protect the integrity and true flavour of the coffee beans – making it the perfect match for Jameson’s triple distilled extra smooth whiskey. Two liquids that represent craft, artisan techniques and a passion for quality flavour now meet in one bottle.

Jameson Cold Brew blends two crafts in an elegant new classic combination that manifests the brand’s innovative mindset. Both rich in flavour, Irish whiskey and cold brewed coffee creates a truly energetic blend, perfect for occasions where whiskey normally might not be the first choice.

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