We are a strategic design agency. Our work is based on immersive insights, creative strategy, design craftsmanship and impactful storytelling.

We offer a powerful blend of talents: strategic thinkers, creative designers, disruptive social scientists and insightful storytellers working in cross-functional teams.

Our mission is to create smart and desirable design. We believe that design has a significant role for our clients, helping them reach their true commercial potential. We also believe that powerful, well-executed, insight-driven design creates strong emotional - and meaningful - relationships between people and brands.

We’ve been honing our craft for quite a while. Since we started in 2001, we’ve been fostering strong, long-standing relationships with our clients. Since those early days, we continually refine and expand our extensive knowledge of segments such as food, spirits and beverages, health and beauty, pharmaceuticals and durables, and more.

Years of experience notwithstanding, we are always endlessly curious, stubbornly inquisitive and appreciate new challenges, which is why we love exploring emerging categories, industries and brands.

We are enthusiastic about collaborations and co-working. Through our sister agency, Pond Innovation, and other trusted network partners, we offer our clients bespoke and collaborative solutions within most strategic and creative disciplines such as Experience Innovation, Branding, Digital Concepts and Communication, AV visualisation and Animation and Production.

Working with Pond Design is easy, stimulating and structured. We relish close collaboration with clients based on openness and honesty, to benefit from each other’s breadth of experiences and expertise.

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