Glace Bolaget, GB, is truly part of our Swedish traditions. The ice-cream made in Flen has played a key role in dessert bowls, birthday parties and midsummer celebrations throughout the years. With one feet in tradition and one in the future GB as a forward-thinking brand decided to marry two of our most bellowed treats.

In Sweden we love fika, and it’s only natural for us to have a coffee together with sweets – while the rest of the world might think differently. What an exciting idea from the team at GB to take the Swedish tradition transforming it into something completely new!

The fika occasion is highly emotional and the result an indulging ice cream with sauce and pieces of cookies launched in a line-up of classic tastes; Morotskaka, Äppelpaj, Kladdkaka and Hallongrotta. The design is part of the GB Gräddglass portfolio and inspired by a café menu board with a charcoal background nicely contrasting to the ice cream on this pint paper packaging. Like menu boards you find handwritten typography and cheerful call outs! A tasty photography is showcasing both the ice cream and pastry for a mouthwatering temptation. Perfect for an indulging treat together with friends or on your own.

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