Amidst the lush isles where the Swedish king and queen reside, lies Svegro’s greenhouse embedded in a majestic scenery. Here, they cultivate a world of organic herbs and greens, nurturing the dream of making the country self-sufficient. For generations, they’ve been an undisputed leader in an unbranded category – proudly taken the lead in innovation and sustainability to minimise water usage and food waste with AI. To reinforce their presence, we embrace their role as the regent of greens.

The round logo is shaped like the crown of a plant – classic, organic, and confident. As the name “Svegro” is short for “Swedish Growth”, we divided it in two, making the “R” and “V” symbolize a growing plant with the R’s undulating diagonal taking root and V’s slightly curved stems and leaves extending upwards. A hand-drawn ink pattern, reflective of vegetation, gives each plant its own personality with the variation of vibrant hues. Paired with sensory copy descriptors such as zingy, tart, crisp, and mellow – these greens inspire to new culinary occasions to savour freshly harvested, local produce – while bringing a glow to the entire category.

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