Swedish Tonic is a successful soda brewing company founded in 2016, with sales worldwide. Started by a group of young entrepreneurs, who had the ambition to create an authentic, non-artificial tonic syrup, it has grown into reaching a wider audience with a selection of tonic based mixers.

With the launch of the organic ready-to-drink collection – including Tonic Water, Soda Water and flavoured Peach Tonic, the brand is meeting the needs of the fast-paced bar culture and convenience demand. Our mission was to find a structural and graphic design system, stemming from the original syrup, with the same strong brand impact and contemporary naturalness.

On the soda drink market today there are very few organic or natural options. And when it comes to tonic waters and drink mixers, there are only artificial and transparent alternatives available. However, tonic is made from the chinchona tree bark and naturally amber. Swedish Tonic is the first tonic water producer to present true, authentic and naturally amber coloured tonic water mixers. Organic of course.

Using the brand’s bold graphic attitude, combining it with the small-scale personality and crafted details, we added a layer of flavour colours into the expression. All with a grainy feel, replicating the authentic naturalness. The structural bottle is of clear glass as a statement of honesty. The hierarchy is easy to follow with quirky copy and nerdy information about the craftmanship, production and flavours. It’s a clash between entertainment, a lot of know-how and details to-the-point.

  • Visual identity
  • Construction Packaging
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  • Product Brand Assets

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