By turning authentic aerial photos into a graphically intricate pattern, we pay a tribute to Nästgårds’ natural surroundings.

To help Åbro Brewery launch Nästgårds Organic Lager, we didn’t need to go far. Nästgårds literally means in the neighbourhood, and neighbourhood for this local beer is the Swedish village of Vimmerby.

Vimmerby is blessed with natural beauty and industrious communities. The crafted quality of the beer is a result of the unique combination of Åbro’s passionate brewers and the brewery’s own water spring from which the fresh water used in brewing is sourced.

To capture the true essence of the area, we needed a birds-eye view. With a series of aerial photos, taken from above the village and its surroundings, we had our inspiration. The photos were turned into a map, and graphically interpreted to create an intricate pattern, laying the foundation of the design.

Using this authentic backdrop, the logotype and typography found their natural space. Nästgårds’ symbol, a banner, symbolizes the precise geographical spot of the brewery. All in all, we shaped the design as a tribute to the beer’s natural surroundings.

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