Jameson is the world’s leading Irish whiskey producer, and one of the world’s major spirits brands, with annual sales topping some 70 million bottles in 114 markets worldwide. The Jameson newly designed Black Barrel whiskey was launched in 2016 and 50 ml bottles are currently sold in the Jameson Brand homes in Dublin and Cork, as well as in Travel retail.

Pond was commissioned to design a both disruptive and aspirational 50ml Pack and a Black Barrel offering in a tear-away shipper case. The objective was to make sure that the new offering was perceived as an high-value gift, for easy merchandising at cash point. The design needed to capture Black Barrel’s uniqueness through both design & storytelling, while simultaneously ensuring that the new offering fits the Jameson’s products family.

Buying at Point of sale is quite often spontaneous. For that reason, p-o-s products need to create a feeling of “must-have” and trigger the desire to purchase them for oneself or someone else, without hesitations or prolonged deliberations.

Back in the days, coals were carried into the distillery using wheelbarrows. Today, most of us buy charcoal for home BBQ in a bag, often made of paper and sealed with a weaved-through thread. Using the idea of a bag as our starting point, we designed a mini-bag with all the authentic details, letting it communicate the uniqueness of the Black Barrel charring, as Jameson Black Barrel is a tribute to the cooper’s method of charring barrels. Once the top is torn, just as in a ”real” charcoal bag, a 50 ml bottle of Black Barrel is exposed. It’s a perfect gift and a whiskey aficionado’s must-have.

  • Concept Development
  • Structural Design
  • Packaging design

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