A perfect brew made with rum, Kahlúa coffee liqueur and 100% Arabica cold brew coffee, steeped for at least 18 hours. Topped with a fluffy foam delivered by a nitrogen-filled widget technology right in the can, to create a smooth, refreshing taste.

Kahlúa is a coffee liqueur from Veracruz, Mexico. Since its introduction in 1936, Kahlúa has remained the top selling coffee liqueur in the world. A huge brand in the 80’s, the brand is still today one of the most well-known and loved coffee liqueurs sold worldwide. Kahlúa identified a strong opportunity for ready-to-drink coffee cocktails with cold brew and coffee cocktails trending.

We created a relevant and modern design to attract new consumers to the brand. The challenge was to carve out a new space for the Kahlúa brand on the ready-to-drink shelf and create a design that is both premium, contemporary and recognizably Kahlúa.

The design has a crafted appeal with a witty tone-of voice, with graphic icons that describe taste, ingredients and nitro-technology. The clean and matte jet-black look highlights the strong and fresh cold brew. The execution is done with an edgy and rough vibe, highlighting the craft in all details, full of character. The result is both serious and playful. Rich with coffee taste. To ensure high shelf visibility in a crowded ready-to-drink cocktail shelf, we kept the design simple, with a modernized look and a visually striking presence.

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