This is LowLow. A new type of beverage company, for which we created a design and identity as fresh as their idea of clean drinking with a twist. Simply a refreshing, natural seltzer with less additives, sugar and carbs – calling for a bold, crisp and distinct design.

LowLow is built on entrepreneurial spirit and the vision of a better choice. It’s for people who want to enjoy life in a healthier way. We have ventured to make this vision come alive through a strong new brand and a fresh new look.

LowLow is an acronym for Love of Water. We wanted to echo this in the design by abstracting a waterline as the meeting between white and aqua green and across the logotype, visualizing the brand as being submerged in its favourite element. Also, we created a monogram signifier to complement the logo. We shaped the two L’s from LowLow to subtly convey a breaking wave, connecting them to the Love of Water tagline.

As the Hard Seltzer category is a bit of a novelty in Scandinavia, we chose to put it at the top of the can design. LowLow is made both with and without alcohol. To make the alcohol-free product match we also invented the world’s first “Soft Seltzer”.

The result is a dynamic brand – adding personality, flair and uniqueness to a fresh new beverage in an emerging category.

  • Visual Identity
  • Packaging Design
  • Concept Development
  • Brand Strategy

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