Swedes love Asian food, but don’t know how to cook it. The brand UMA is here to change that with ready-to-serve sauces. Just drizzle over anything. Bam. Wow. Yum. Asian flavours in a snap. Behind the brand is Jennie Walldén, born in Korea but raised in Sweden. After winning the Swedish edition of Master Chef – she’s served us simple ways to cook Asian on TV and in social media. As UMA means mother in Korean, our hearts and minds travelled to Jennies birth town and the buzz of Seoul.

To embrace the sauces’ authentic flavours and user-friendliness, we created desirable pieces of Asia. Quick. Easy to grasp. Bold in typography and messaging. Seasoned with conversational copy; “Umami-yum” and “Drizzle over anything”. A palette mirroring the city street neon signs. Monochrome in themself, but colourful as a range. A tailormade saucy logotype. Topped off with a handmade pattern reminiscent of steaming delicious dishes. Every sauce has its product name written in its original language; Korean or Japanese. Altogether, the design serves a set of Instagrammable pieces for the dinner table.

The launch is a success – UMA is expanding to Sweden’s largest retailers while adding more flavours of Asia. All we can say is wow yum!

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