What defines the next level of premium in the luxury chocolate category? For Malmö Chocolate Factory’s super exclusive and 100% organic bean-to-bar launch, we explored the next generation of premium, resulting in a dopamine-happy unwrapping experience for all senses.

Under the guise of Malmö Chocolate Factory’s organic craftmanship, every detail exudes high-end and sustainable quality. Minimal packaging, no plastic, with the elegance of a superior opening ritual preserved. We elevated the brand’s distinctive stripes and crafted them as a tactile treat with playful colours in glossy and matte varnish, complemented with a gold accent. A single sheet of paper for the structural packaging. Thick enough to support the fragile chocolate bar but thin enough to fold into an asymmetric envelope. Disruptive yet precise, allowing the graphic pattern to build a layered depth. Inside, the chocolate mould ties together the striped expression, and underneath it hides yet another surprise. The bean-to-bar journey is revealed in a detailed and illustrative narrative through the origin, roasting process, and flavour experimentation.

The design detailing is evident from every angle. By showcasing the love, labour, craft, and curiosity behind each block of organic chocolate, this colourful couture craftmanship casts a glow over the entire category.

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