Gooh was established in 2005 as a collaboration between Operakällarens Stefano Catenacci, one of Sweden’s leading fine dining profiles, and Lantmännen, one of Sweden’s leading household food brands. Gooh (which stands for Good and Healthy) combined ground-breaking MicVac technology, and fresh, well-cooked meals created by a high-end chef.

After a number of years of success, sales started to slow down. The brand needed to evolve with a renewed focus on its brand values, distinctiveness, shelf impact, quality and foodie-ness. In addition, the brand had grown and expanded into new kitchen styles,- which meant that the collaboration with Stefano Catenacci was coming to a natural end.

Ready meals are bought for convenience. At the same time, consumers are not willing to compromise on quality and taste. They want food that is prepared with care and is made with authentic ingredients that taste great.

Pond Design created a design that celebrated the deliciousness of the food, proudly presented by chefs who’ve cooked it and the Gooh brand. The brand assets were elevated and a darker colour scheme injected premium cues into the design. The elegant style of photography enhanced taste, quality, the ingredients and the chefs behind the recipe. Through the use of utensils and restaurant terminology, the passionate, knowledgeable people behind the food could be glimpsed. As a result of the refresh, brand preference and sales, as well as Goohs position as a market leader, had been strengthened.

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