Scan, one of the leading meat distributors in Northern Europe, has been the link between local farmers and consumers in the Nordic countries for over a century. Scan is known for their world-class animal welfare practice, resulting in high quality meat.

Rapsgris isn’t just any pork but a premium meat from ten carefully selected farms in Sweden. The taste of the juicy pork is contributed to the fact that the Rapsgris pigs’ diet is based on rapeseed. Scan commissioned Pond Design to tell the story of Rapsgris. The mission was to focus on the quality of the pork and create a better understanding for its uniqueness, talk about the farmers who produce it, and elevate the overall visual identity of the packaging.

Consumers passion for genuine stories, small-scale products, fair animal treatment and local production is redefining the idea of premium. Meat consumers want to feel good about meat and consume it with a clean a clean conscience. They want products that focus on both taste and animal welfare.

The idea was to show how the farmers’ passion, love, and care result in delicious meat. The design is centred around the local feel of Rapsgris, with a quote from each farmer telling the story of the pigs’ well-being and describing the delicious flavour of the meat. Using a brown paper background, the design enhances naturalness. The design keeps close to the farm with illustrations of a pig eating rapeseed flowers. The final design clearly shows the concept of Rapsgris, a high-quality pork produced with love and pride, in a natural environment.

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