Swedish Tonic has taken the tonic market by storm with its handcrafted, authentic taste, quality ingredients and edgy vibe. The brand continues to celebrate classic traditions with the launch of Gin & Tonic Snaps – a modern take on the Swedish national drink.

The tradition of snaps served with a song was born in academic circles around 1850. Now reinvented, with gin and tonic spices and a floral freshness from elderflower, with or without alcohol, as preferred. A botanically crafted recipe made by hand.

The design is a tribute to snaps songs. There are simply no snaps without a song. The most famous of them all, and the real star of the show, is “Helan går”, loosely translated to “Bottoms up!”. The design uses lines from this famous song together with modern and humoristic handmade illustrations, creating the right snaps scene. The design contrasts boldly with the Swedish Tonic iconic bottle and distinctive branding, with its crafted feel and confident image. The idea is to create an exciting meeting between old traditions, contemporary artsy illustrations and a handmade feel. Additionally, the transparent bottle lets the drink’s fresh color shine through, and the freshness is further accentuated by the white color used in the illustration and texting
Snaps is often drunk when celebrating major holidays and other happy events. The design reflects both the occasions and the ingredients with a lighthearted, quirky approach. Skål!

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