Functional Food is hot. Our clients are asking about it. Newspapers write about it. Bloggers are busy recommending different foods. Books tell us what to eat to become (even more) healthy, smart, slim, beautiful, focused. We wanted to understand what the fuss was all about, so we ventured out to learn more.

To understand the world of Functional Food, we interviewed, reviewed, observed and tasted our way through both promises and disappointments – and lived to write a short report about it.

Functional food is not new. The Greek physician Hippocrates is believed to have said: “Let food be thy medicine and medicine be thy food”. And he was not alone. From Ayurveda medicine, traditional Chinese medicine to ancient Jewish and Muslim traditions, food has been used as medicine. So, what is the difference now? The main one is that today, with the help of science and technology, we can enhance natural foods’ functional aspects. We can make them more bespoke and specific, and hopefully – even more functional.

The idea
Thoughts on Functional Food and Beverage describe a world rich with intentions but shaky in execution. Functional food is defined as food with a biological active component that delivers additional and/or enhanced benefits over and above their basic nutritional value.
There are hundreds, if not thousands of products with functional promises and claims, some of them more outlandish than others. On the positive side, there is a growing body of knowledge about personalized nutrition, individual microbiome, the human ecosystem and psycho-nutrition.

If you want to learn more and receive your own copy, send us your snail mail address. The report is analogue (yes!) and we won’t be releasing a digital version. The number of copies is limited, so first come, first serve.

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