We love IKEA furniture, but sometimes there is a very human need for spicing up your interior decorating. That’s exactly what BEMZ offers: a broad assortment of classic and trendy high-quality covers for everyday furniture. POND’s task was to translate that beyond the actual product. An inspirational and eclectic identity experienced across all touchpoints such as website, packaging and social media.

The full brand experience didn’t really feel as great as how the product looked in real life. The aim was to boost the brand with character and edge, emphasizing different styles and expressions in one strong identity. The logotype was developed, including a typography with a distinctive character, an eclectic and bold colour palette, and imagery with an attitude.

We reworked the website from a graphic perspective and from the point of view of the entire customer journey and purchasing funnel. This included ease of navigation, to using the new visual guidelines to create coherence from the first step of “just looking” to unboxing at home. All in all, we made some major changes. And some minor ones, too. Just like you would in your own home.

  • Branding
  • Identity
  • Packaging experience
  • Key visuals

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