Pernod Ricard is a one of the world’s leading spirit companies. Pernod Ricard runs a Global NPD Innovation Program, an idea incubator for innovative products and concepts. The Fine cocktail company was created within that program and is one of the innovation streams that, in fierce competition with other projects, were realized and launched.

Concept, Product development, Branding, Naming, Packaging Design
Pernod Ricard identified an opportunity for innovation within the Ready-To-Drink (RTD) category. Together with a client team, Pond was entrusted with the challenge of exploring the Ready-To-Drink territory and innovate within it. The issue with current Ready-To-Drink segment was that they were perceived as youngish, of low quality, with too much sugar, lacking a premium feel and freshness. We needed to find ways to inject quality and premiumness into the category and make it more attractive for the discerning, adult consumer.

Consumers want to be able to enjoy mixology style cocktail outside of high-end bars, but don’t always have the knowledge, time or the desire to make one. Preparing cocktails on your own simply requires too much effort. An interesting proposition for many is therefore a Ready-To-Drink cocktail that manage to successfully combine convenience, freshness and taste-complexity.

The idea
With that in mind we created a company called The Fine Cocktail Company. The principles behind the company, product and design were to focus on freshness and craftsmanship. The Fine Cocktail Company offers chilled, fresh, ready to drink, mixology quality cocktails in a number of exciting flavours. The design reflects a small-scale production philosophy driven by passionate artisanal approach, a focus on taste and with great attention to details.

Working with Pond Design is easy, stimulating and structured. We relish close collaboration with clients based on openness and honesty, to benefit from each other’s breadth of experiences and expertise.

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