Findus is the market leader within the frozen food category, with long heritage in the Nordic region. Products in Findus substantial portfolio include ready-to-eat meals, fish, vegetable, baking products and more. Findus is a part of Nomad Foods with a global reach and a number of brands within frozen food.

Concept creation, Packaging Design, Storytelling
Findus wanted to launch a new and exciting product, a meat alternative made from peas. Pond Design was commissioned to create an impactful and modern concept, design and name for the new Findus product and sub-brand.

Research shows that 46% of the consumers try to cut back on meat consumption which means that many are becoming flexitarians. However, the transition to vegetarian food can be daunting. It’s important to inspire consumers and convince them that meat alternatives are both delicious and easy to use.

The idea was to create an inclusive and modern design that invites consumers into the world of vegetarian food without pointing fingers at them. The message is that food doesn’t have to be “fine-dining perfect” to be super delicious and inspiring. The dishes are shown on wood background to enhance the feeling of sustainability, immediacy and naturalness. The overall design is inspired by street food.

Working with Pond Design is easy, stimulating and structured. We relish close collaboration with clients based on openness and honesty, to benefit from each other’s breadth of experiences and expertise.

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