Kungsörnen is a well-known and popular brand within the pasta and baking categories. Owned by Lantmännen Cerealia, Kungsörnen is rooted in Swedish agricultural tradition and farmland heritage, with production mills in Järna, Laholm and Malmö.

Brand Platform, Portfolio Strategy, Packaging Design, Storytelling
The brand’s visual impression created a homogenous “red wall” on shelf, without enough distinctiveness and with a dated look. The overall mission was therefore to modernize and structure the portfolio in such way that product ranges became more differentiated. To achieve that, an overall strategic design framework was needed for the brand as a whole, and more specifically for the flour category. In addition, there was a need to be more contemporary, inspirational and strengthen the consumer relevance.

Baking is a strong trend that has been growing significantly during the past years. As the category’s leader, Kungsörnen is the brand that can continue to drive the category’s development forward.

The idea
We developed a design structure inspired by old-time recipe cards. The well-known red colour holds the range together and strengthens brand recognition. To inspire consumers to bake and be creative we’ve incorporated tasty, authentic images. The organic range was, within the design structure, given its own look and feel, strengthening its genuine, natural appeal and associations to the farm.

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