Findus is a market leader with long heritage within the frozen food category in the Nordics. Products in Findus substantial portfolio include ready meals, frozen natural fish, coated fish, other vegetables, baking products and more. Findus is a part of the Nomad Foods Group with a global reach and a number of frozen food brands.

Packaging Design, Product Brand Assets, Visual identity
Findus needed to modernize and harmonize the visual expression of the coated fish category. There was a need to improve the image of coated fish as a healthy, quick and delicious meal option. In addition, the brand needed to recruit new consumers while retaining loyal ones.

67% of the Swedish consumers want to eat fish more often, and fish consumption is growing, however coated fish isn’t perceived as fish to many. And coated fish is not top-of-mind, especially when consumers look for variation, and for easy, healthy meals. Although, coated fish is an everyday staple for many but there was a need for a modernization in the category.

To increase the status of coated fish and show its benefits as a healthier choice, the design shows creative, fresh and modern dishes with healthy sides, photographed to enhance taste. We added a measure of playfulness with illustrations inspired by food-trucks chalkboard menus, on a sea-inspired deep blue background. Resulting in new ways of enjoying a crispy catch.

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