Arvid Nordquist’s interest in taste began when he opened Delicatessen at Nybrogatan in Stockholm, Sweden in 1884. Today, Arvid Nordquist is the fastest growing coffee brand in Sweden with it’s master blender and roastery in Stockholm. In addition, Arvid Nordquist is a Nordic trading company with operations in Sweden, Norway, Finland and Denmark.

Packaging Design
The task was to create a clear identity for a new premium range of ground coffee beans that builds upon ecology and sustainability, keeping the brand and category cues adding premiumness.

Coffee is a high engagement product and for many consumers buying organic/sustainable coffee is a way to show their good will. To be considered sustainable, the coffee needs to show social responsibility, fair working conditions and production methods.

The idea
The world of coffee is usually associated with dark and earthy colours and a robust design language, focusing on coffee taste cues. We combined those traditional coffee cues with the soft friendliness of nature through warm and emotional animal illustration, symbolizing sustainability and care for our environment and workers. The bright colours ensured shelf impact and visibility.

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