Arvid Nordquist’s interest in taste began when he opened Delicatessen at Nybrogatan in Stockholm, Sweden in 1884. Today, Arvid Nordquist is the fastest growing coffee brand in Sweden with it´s master blender and roastery in Stockholm. In addition, Arvid Nordquist is a Nordic trading company with operations in Sweden, Norway, Finland and Denmark.

Packaging Design, Storytelling
Arvid Nodquist, an established and well known coffee brand, wanted to enter the nearby super premium tea category. The challenge was to leverage the brands’ heritage of coffee into a new category with it's own look and personality.

Many tea brands in the super premium category seem to have a healthy or organic position. There was space in the market to create a new range of premium teas that focus more on taste experience rather than health.

The idea
A series of seven black, green, red and herbal teas was launches as a full-leaf-tea-range with natural, fruity flavours. The pattern style, and the dark and golden tones of Arvid Nordquist’s coffee design were kept and the different flavours are illustrated using abstract tea leaves that seamlessly circle the packaging.

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