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We’ve been around since 2001, when Pond first saw the light of day. Since then, we’ve been busy creating great designs and fostering strong, long-standing relationships with our clients within diverse categories such as food, spirits & beverages, health & beauty, pharmaceuticals & durables, and more.

About us

We are a strategic design agency. Our work is based on immersive insights, creative strategy, design craftsmanship and impactful storytelling. We offer a powerful blend of talents: strategic thinkers, creative designers, disruptive social scientists and insightful storytellers working in cross-functional teams. Our mission it to create smart and desirable design. We believe that design has […]


Working with Pond Design is easy, stimulating and structured. We relish close collaboration with clients based on openness and honesty. Our processes encourage mutual learning and we believe in harnessing the whole group’s extensive scope of experiences and expertise, for the benefit of the project.


We are a strategic design agency. By combining creative minds with strategic thinking, we create impact. And beauty.