God Morgon is one of the Nordic’s leading manufacturers of fruit juices, drawing on 45 years’ worth of expertise to provide quality juice products.

Packaging Design, Naming
Following the brand’s successful “Inspiration Lemonade” campaign, God Morgon wanted to further expand within the lemonade segment, and create a better defined and visually stronger expression for God Morgon Lemonade. Simultaneously, a new product, God Morgon Pink Lemonade, was planned for launch.

Although the supermarket fruit juice shelves are crowded, God Morgon’s black design gives the brand strong visual recognition. To make it even easier for customers to find their favourites within the God Morgon family, it was important to differentiate between the different ranges and to develop a specific expression for the lemonade range, without losing any brand recognition.

The idea
Lemonade is often presented in a distinctive visual context. We were inspired by kids’ lemonade street stalls on hot summer days and combined this expression with God Morgon’s black colour. We created a playful, happy design with strong connection to lemonade’s visual language, and to the brand itself. To add freshness and to further differentiate the new product range from other products, we replaced God Morgon’s classical glass with an ice-filled Mason jar accompanied by fresh fruit.

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