Since its start in 1978, when Frixos Papadopoulos and his wife Maro Papadopoulos first introduced Swedes to their own Greek favourites, the Fontana brand has increasingly grown. Today, the Fontana brand is a well-established family business and a major player on the Swedish food market, offering Greek products from premium sources.

Distilled Insights, Brand Identity, Design, Packaging Design
Fontana’s arena is a cluttered market with heavy competition from all directions. To compete and win consumer’s heart, there was a need to refresh the company’s brand identity and packaging design

Eating Greek delicacies help consumers get into a vacation mode and recall, or dream of, a new trip to the sunny and warm Greek islands.

The idea
We wanted to help consumers transport themselves to Greece, if only in their minds. The brand’s Greek heritage of the Papadopoulos family was therefore our inspiration. We created a new brand platform and visual identity. Then, we did a total re-design of the 200+ products strong portfolio to make every single item more personal and exciting. Since redesign, Fontana’s olive oil sales increased by 250%, and many other products enjoys similar growth.

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